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  1. Transfer management is one of the most important functions of any smart phone. You can’t upload photos, call your friends or check out new restaurants, without it. It should be developed in a way to arouse interest in fans of the brand.

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  3. If the volume level does not work properly, you can also activate the monitoring function and thus receive in real-time the status of the sound card’s volume: ie. mute, low, high, muted, full, etc. Its counter, independent from the volume control panel, is available

    Installation is easy, you just have to drag and drop the “volumeIndicator.exe” in your Default Programs folder.

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  4. A few applications have more advanced features, like malware and mobile phone detection. For total safety, you can even decide to display only items on machines that are actually connected to the internet.
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  5. Despite its name, there aren’t any “partners” involved; it’s just you managing your account info, books, check(s) and payments.

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  6. You can order your copy of the application HERE

    Stardock Game Suite

    Stardock Game Suite

    Stardock has long been one of the top game developers on the scene, and now its free to use toolset has brought it to the next level. StarDock Game Suite 12 contains File Doctor and TeraCopy, along with a wealth of tool options and utilities.

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  8. If you are a Windows user looking for a reliable and easy to use application for importing PDF documents to Word, PdfStar can be the best solution for you. It is one of the most frequently used PDF file converters among professional users. It allows you to extract important data from PDF files such as text, formulas, formulae, text notes, tables and graphics among others.
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  9. If you feel more comfortable with web-based log managers, you can also head over to this post for an alternative.

    Lubuntu is a Ubuntu-based Linux distribution that aims to provide a lightweight desktop experience on older hardware. It has a number of convenient features, such as minimizing spyware, protecting against Flash Player, and removing DRM-protected content.
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  11. It uses the JDBC and PostgreSQL driver and is easy to use.
    It assists you to analyze the database queries and shows the most used queries in your system.
    Query Analyzer has the following features:

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  13. SourceForge

    Q. Simple, secure, reliable, robust web app for viewing YouTube videos asynchronously. Currently supports IE and Firefox. Features: * Integrates with the native YouTube code.* History of page views displayed in video. * Very fast!* Each video shown directly underneath the associated youtube YouTube video link in IE, Firefox, or Chrome. * Easy to add youtube video links or just paste text.

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